For 25+ years, ZOLL® has been a leader and pioneer in defibrillator design. Utilizing technology to create intuitive devices that help save lives, ZOLL® manufactures the AED Plus®, AED Pro®, and AED 3, which utilize Real CPR Help® to provide live feedback on compressions and calmly guide the rescuer through proper resuscitation procedures. ZOLL® AEDs are resilient in extreme temperatures and altitude, and can handle being dropped or bumped around in a vehicle. ZOLL® lids can be used to prop the patient’s head up to help the rescuer access the airway. A final touch? The bright green color makes ZOLL® AEDs obvious and easy to locate in the midst of a hectic emergency scene.

Whether you opt for the intuitive ZOLL® AED Plus or the award-winning AED 3, you’ll be relieved to have ZOLL® as your life-saving partner in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest.

ZOLL® AED Plus: Clear, Calm Direction

Emergency situations are stressful and often chaotic. That’s why the ZOLL® AED Plus is designed to keep the rescuer calm. Colorful visual elements and clear voice prompts work together on the ZOLL AED Plus to ensure the rescuer has easy-to-follow instructions as they apply CPR and potentially defibrillation to save a life. On screen, a bar gauge shows the depth of the CPR compressions while the audio element provides real time feedback of “Push harder” or “Good compressions.” This helps ensure high-quality CPR is administered, even by a rescuer who has never done it before.

Count on the ZOLL® AED 3 for Unprecedented CPR Support

Whether or not a shock is required, CPR is always required for people who have just suffered sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). The ZOLL® AED 3 was specifically designed to help bystanders use it confidently to perform high-quality CPR, which improves survival outcomes for victims of SCA.

This award-winning AED guides the rescuer through every step of high-quality CPR. It has all the features of the AED Plus—including real time vocal feedback, a screen displaying helpful visuals in full color, and a bar gauge to determine CPR compression depth—but it also has universal pads (which can be used on either adults or children by changing a setting on the AED), Wi-Fi connectivity to make it easy to manage your fleet of AEDs in the cloud, and RapidShock™ Analysis technology that acts very swiftly to determine whether a shock is needed, thus minimizing the pauses in CPR.

In 2020, the ZOLL® AED 3 was recognized for its design and safety features by the following awards:

    • 5 Star Winner of the World of Safety & Health Award 2020
    • Occupational Health & Safety New Product of the Year

ZOLL® AED 3 Pads: Universal & Intuitive

When sudden cardiac arrest happens, an AED needs to be used as quickly as possible—and there’s no guarantee that the rescuer will have experience or training with resuscitation. So it’s important for the AED and its key components (like electrode pads) to be easy to use.

The ZOLL® AED 3 is compatible with the CPR Uni-padz® electrodes, which can be used for both adults and children. For patients 1 to 8 years old weighing less than 55 pounds, all you have to do is activate child mode on the AED—no need to swap out the pads. In addition, the pads are easy to use, with one-peel application and clear placement instructions.

Battery Replacement for the ZOLL® AED Plus

ZOLL® makes battery replacement easy. The AED Plus and AED 3 use lithium batteries that you can purchase at your local hardware store. The Duracell 123a batteries have a 5-year shelf life. Additionally, ZOLL® AEDs perform comprehensive weekly checks to ensure that everything is functioning properly and ready to perform. The ZOLL® helps conserve battery with weekly checks and will alert if anything is wrong.

Battery Replacement for the ZOLL® AED 3

With a glance at the AED screen or your AED program management device, you can see the power status of the ZOLL® AED 3’S disposable lithium battery. This battery will last 5 years on standby, and you’ll know immediately when it’s time for replacement.