About AED Team

AED Team is a division of Code One Training Solutions, LLC, a professional health and safety training center founded in 2007 by Richard Shok.  Rich started the business in his dorm room while attending the University of Connecticut.  Since 2007, Code One and AED Team have grown considerably.

AED Team provides innovative solutions for emergency equipment installations and manages hundreds of deployed AEDs in a variety of settings.

Code One features ten training centers which prepared over 17,000 rescuers last year in courses including CPR, first aid, and advanced life support.

A successful AED program has many vital elements which must be considered prior to purchase:

  • Which AED device is right for my setting?
  • Where should the AED be placed and how should it be stored?
  • How many AEDs are needed?
  • Who will inspect and maintain my AED?
  • How will I train responders in CPR and using my AED?
  • What should I do after I use my AED?

AED Team's goal is to provide our clients with expert consultation and service prior to purchasing an AED with continuous support throughout the lifetime of the device.

AED Team is led by industry experts with real world experience in emergency medicine.  Our diverse client portfolio includes small businesses, Fortune 500 companies, hospital systems, and educational institutions.