Zoll AED Plus Supplies

The ZOLL® AED Plus is built for resilience. Keep yours in life-saving shape with the proper supply of backup batteries and pads. Options include the ZOLL® AED D-padz (a set of pads utilizing compression, depth, and rate sensors to provide real time CPR feedback), the ZOLL® Pedi-Padz II (pediatric-appropriate pads with a 2 year shelf life); and the standard ZOLL® AED Stat Padz (these do not provide CPR feedback). All of these will work with your ZOLL® AED Plus. The ZOLL® AED Plus conserves battery life and alerts you when it’s time for a replacement. Keep your mind at ease and your AED ready for any cardiac event by keeping Duracell 123a batteries on hand for your ZOLL® AED Plus.