Windham CT Adds Outdoor AED Units to Local Parks

Windham CT Adds Outdoor AED Units to Local Parks

The Town of Windham CT HeartSafe Committee has added two outdoor AED units to local parks.  One of the devices, located in Lauter Park, has been installed near the riverfront beach and can be accessed by lifeguards stationed in the park or through the 911 system.

While most AED units are typically kept in buildings that get locked after hours thereby restricting access, these innovative deployments allow users to access lifesaving equipment whenever it is needed through 911.  The enclosures contain a keypad lock which keeps the AED safe from tamper or theft but still allows for rapid access after calling 911. 

Willimantic Fire Chief Marc Scrivener and First Selectwoman Dawn Niles met with AED TEAM owner Richard Shok at one of the newly installed AED enclosures.  Scrivener referred to the enclosures as a “game changer” when it comes to bystander response to cardiac arrests. 

More information on outdoor access to AED units can be found on the AED TEAM website. 

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