Life-Saving Partnerships Benefit Community

Life-Saving Partnerships Benefit Community

NORTH CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA, November 7, 2021 — The City of North  Charleston, AED Team, North Charleston Fire Department, and the Lowcountry  Resuscitation Alliance joined forces to install a public Automated External Defibrillator  (AED) with weatherproof box at Riverfront Park. AEDs are medical devices designed to  provide an electrical shock to a person who is in cardiac arrest. According to American  Heart Association statistics, if an AED is used within the first few minutes of a cardiac  event, the victim may be up to three times as likely to survive.  

“The installation of this AED in Riverfront Park is another step in our continuing effort to  be prepared when an emergency situation arises. This device not only improves the  safety of the citizens and visitors, but also spreads awareness about the importance of  CPR training for bystanders.” says Fire Chief Gregory Bulanow. This collaboration is  part of a local effort to increase the accessibility of AEDs in the public so an individual in  sudden cardiac arrest can be shocked within minutes. The enclosure was donated by  AED Team to support public access AEDs in the community. Richard Shok, owner of  AED Team, said "We are excited that North Charleston has taken steps to prepare the  community for cardiac arrest emergencies. While we hope that the equipment never  needs to be used, it is comforting to know that it is available and ready." 

Charleston-based AED Team focuses on strategic placement of lifesaving equipment in  the community - where it is bound to have the greatest impact on victims of sudden  cardiac arrest occurring in public settings. The AED enclosure ensures that emergency  equipment is available when it is needed and that the 911 system has been activated  and is responding whenever an AED is deployed for use. North Charleston joins over  50 communities that have incorporated outdoor emergency equipment into their  response plans. 

The Lowcountry Resuscitation Alliance is a nonprofit organization with members from  emergency medicine, EMS, fire departments, and CPR training agencies. The mission  of the Lowcountry Resuscitation Alliance is to optimize the regional cardiac arrest chain  of survival through collaboration, professional development, and community  engagement. Doctor David French, president of the Lowcountry Resuscitation Alliance,  says “Bystander CPR and AED use are critical for the survival of a cardiac arrest victim. Increasing bystander CPR training and the public availability of AEDs is at the core of  our mission.”

For additional fire safety information, follow North Charleston Fire Department on the website, Facebook, Twitter, NextDoor, and Instagram.

Contact: Deputy Chief Stephanie Julazadeh

Phone: (843) 740-2616, (843) 494-3804


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