Harford County Maryland Deploys Seven Outdoor AED Units

Harford County Maryland Deploys Seven Outdoor AED Units

County officials in Maryland have taken crucial steps to improve the rate of survival from cardiac arrest. Through the installation of seven outdoor Automated External Defibrillator (AED) enclosures in local parks, Harford County residents and visitors have access to AED units through the 911 system 24/7. 

Early defibrillation from bystanders prior to EMS arrival has a major impact on cardiac arrest outcomes.  Less than 11% of cardiac arrest victims who collapse in public areas receive bystander defibrillation nationwide.  In many cases, bystander defibrillation is prevented because AED units are hidden or not accessible.

By placing AED units in bright yellow outdoor cabinets that are registered with the 911 system, dispatchers are able to provide callers with access to lifesaving equipment minutes before EMS arrive.

READ MORE about Harford County’s Outdoor AED program as reported by Patch.


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